All About Missouri

I meant for this blog to be about Missouri! But I got a little side tracked! So, I'll create this page for Missouri!
We come from Jacksonville, Florida, a city with half a million people to Mountain View, Mo. with a town, little over 2400 people in it! It was very hard, and still is to get used to! Especially when you're used to haveing everything at your finger tips, to virtually nothing! Literally! You have to travel forever to get to the nearest anything! Everything around here pretty much closes at 9pm! It's pretty cool at night though, when the few cars we do have, haha...quit going back and forth, all you hear is peace and quiet! In the Fall, we like to sit outside on the picnic table, and just talk. I love how you can see the fireflies at dusk!
Another thing I love about Missouri are the sunsets! OMG! They're all so different! Lot's of pinks, even purples!