Pros and Cons About Living In The Country

Pros About Living In The Country:

1. I absolutly love the weather! (Well, except in the summer it's still way to hot!, and we're not even in July yet!)
2. Although I really do love the snow, seriously, who loves sub zero temperature?!
3. My most favorite time of year is Fall, when all the leaves turn their brilliant colors!
4. I love fireflies!
5. I love the sunrises and sunsets!
6. I love living in town! You can literally walk anywhere!
7. Way less people than where we came from!
8. It's super quiet up here! Even during the day!
9. I like sitting outside on the front porch, and watching the fireflies and the sunset!
10. We sometimes have music in the park, which is right across the street from us!

Cons About Living In The Country:

1. People are clanish!! Seriously, nobody is willing to help an outsider(us)but they'll bend over backwards to give a family member a job.
2. People are rude.
3. Everybody knows everybodys business!!
4. Everything closes at 9pm.
5. No night life! No life at all.
6. No job market!
7. There's not many choices at all as far as resturants! It's basicly fast food.
8. It gets super cold up here! and I don't function when it gets below 35!!
9. Winter time seems to last FOREVER!!
10. No theme parks! Unless you're willing to travel at least 100 miles to go to Springfield at Silver Dollar City, and I think that's about the only "theme park" you'll find!