Likes And Dislikes About The City.

Pros About Living In The City:

1 There is always something to do! Day or night.
2. There's plenty of beaches and sun!
3. Theme parks everywhere!
4. Lot's of choices for dinning out.
5. Only takes a little time to get anywhere!
6. Lot's of shopping!
7. Lot's of shopping malls!
8. Most everything is open 24hrs.
9. It usually doesn't get below 35!
10. Lots of night life!!

Cons About The City:

1. There's always traffic! No matter how early you get up! and don't even get me started on rush hour traffic!
2. People are rude!
3. Nobody will help anybody, because they're affraid they'll get robbed or mugged!
4. Shootings and drive bys are nothing new! People will shoot you over a pair of sneakers and a cell phone!
5. No privacy!
6. It's never quiet in the city.
7. No Fall! It's either summer or winter! Or everything is alive or dead! No pretty colors!
8. Mosquitos!!
9. Humidity is rediculous!
10. No fireflies!!(LoL)